As seniors age, they often have to change routines and give up some of the simple pleasures they’ve long enjoyed and will always consider very important. At Magnolia Tupelo, we have our own private beauty salon and licensed beautician to keep those traditions alive. Our ladies can have their hair “done” and men can get a fresh cut or shave. It is one of the most appreciated services we provide and enriches the lives of our residents. A full list of services is available upon request and services provided from the salon are at an additional charge.


The safety of residents is the foremost priority of the management and staff at Magnolia Tupelo. There are many obvious areas where safety must be a concern, however, there are some that are not so obvious and that we’ve learned to address through experience. We believe that anyone who interacts with a senior plays a role and can enhance their safety. This includes their family and friends, doctors, therapists and other Magnolia Tupelo residents.

An abundant supply of walking space, hand rails, grab bars, smoke alarms, lighting and closely monitored emergency call lights installed in all apartments are considered standard and just some of the ways we address residents’ safety. Nothing, however, replaces attentive resident assistants who inevitably grow friendships, a sincere concern and are available at any time to offer residents personal assistance.

Although Magnolia Tupelo has an open door policy, all visitors are required to check-in and doors are locked for security. If a prospective resident has a certain fear, or if a family member has a particular safety concern, they are encouraged to share them in the initial interview and they will be addressed when developing the resident’s individual care-plan. A secure and safe environment is not just another priority at Magnolia Tupelo, it is our top priority.


In the South, the order and cleanliness of home has long been a source of pride for seniors and at Magnolia Tupelo it still is. As seniors age, their ability and desire to keep things as clean and neat as they once did is not always possible. And because of the slow progression of dust-buildup, stains, soiling, odors and other things that signify an unclean home, they often go unnoticed.

Stop by and you’ll see that a clean fresh environment is valued and a top priority at Magnolia Tupelo.

Some of the house-keeping and services we provide for each resident include:

  • Cleaning, dusting, and mopping rooms and bathrooms.
  • Washing, drying and folding laundry.
  • Bed linens are changed weekly (or as needed).
  • Emptying trash.
  • Cleaning spills.
  • Cleaning or wiping down windows and fixtures as needed.
  • Assistance if they want to clean their own room.